Making yoga and mindfulness accessible to practitioners at all levels.
Align brings world class yoga instruction to your home with tools to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

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This is where yoga meets fitness and you have access to drills that will help you build strength, body awareness and flexibility at the same time. Select your workout OR build your own!

Your Plan, Calendar and Flows

Your calendar gives you a structured approach to yoga and training with daily recommendations on which classes to follow. From full length Flow classes to shorter Skill and Breathing videos, your calendar can be completely customised to suit your requirements. Daily drills will help you build your inner strength and core fitness allowing you to create your own home training circuit from our catalogue of exercises. Use AirPlay to stream classes to your Apple TV or AirPlay compatible smart TV to transform your living room into your own private Yoga studio.


Take time out of your day to reflect with one of our guided meditations. Narrated by Jessica Olie, these audio sessions are designed to help overcome negativity and find focus at times when your thoughts are in disarray. With a range of topics (and more on their way) meditations make the perfect supplement to aid in your personal growth and development - and when you are ready, we provide the tools to help you explore unguided independent meditation.

Mindlog: Track Your Thoughts

Align brings intuitive and accessible journaling to your fingertips. Learn to ALIGN your thoughts with mindlog. With daily prompts for inspiration or the option to freely chronicle your thoughts - you will never be lost for words. Turn writing into a habit and see how regular journaling helps you overcome personal challenges while also developing a broader perspective.

More than just yoga videos. You get a full 12 week plan consisting of

Flow Videos


Skill Videos


Breathing Videos




Drill Exercises


Hours of Video Content


With new content added regularly!

App Reviews

Lottiemarie95, 01/02/2020

This app can really help you to advance your yoga practice whilst staying mindful. The schedule is flexible so suited to your needs and there are lots of different components to the app to take advantage of. It’s lovely being able to access a meditation whenever and wherever you need it.

Sisi Vaughn, 04/02/2020

Congrats to Jess and her team! Align has already helped me so much with organising my week and staying on top of my yoga practice. Tried the meditations too and although I don’t really meditate, I found them very easy to follow. Can’t wait for more content!

Bridgette Viviers, 03/02/2020

I really love this app. It's definitely the first yoga app that really helps me and it's awesome to have this safe space to connect with my body and mind. Thank you so much for creating this space! Your videos are amazingly accurate and helps me so much!

Mellow San, 28/01/2020

Like every product created by Jessica Olie, this app is great. You can see part of herself in it, the style is great, the content amazing and I can't wait to get started with the practice! The interface is easy to navigate and it feels like this product was made with care and love.

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